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Facebook Marketing Case Studies

Company Adidas Logo Adidas
Facebook facebook.com/Adidas
Fast Take To build a stronger brand and following around adidas’ “Originals Label” and to position the label as “the iconic sportswear brand for the street”, adidas created a 6 month long facebook campaign.
Facebook Case Studies Adidas Football – World Cup 2010 (PDF)

Adidas Facebook Case Study (PDF)

Company Coca Cola Logo Coca-Cola
Facebook facebook.com/cocacola
Fast Take The Coca-Cola facebook fan page was originally created by a couple of Coca-Cola fans named Michael and Dusty (because Coke didn’t create one yet). The page took off like a firecracker, Coca-Cola contacted Michael and Dusty and they collaborate on running the page. A note worthy point about Coca-Cola’s facebook fan page is that it doesn’t sit still, they move from one interesting and engaging campaign to another.
Facebook Case Studies Indepth look at Coke’s Facebook Strategy (July 2009)

Coca-Cola’s Expedition 206 – Happiness Ambassador Program Coke’s Facebook box for Expedition 206 (November 2009)

Coca-Cola Ad Includes Social Media Strat (January 2010)

Company IKEA Logo IKEA
Facebook IKEA Gordon’s Facebook Profile no longer exists. IKEA USA
Fast Take To promote the opening of a new IKEA store in Malmo, Sweden – a media agency created a facebook profile for the store manager Gordon Gustavsson. For two weeks he would upload pictures from the IKEA showroom on his profile. The first facebook users to tag themselves on showroom items would win those same items. Naturally the word spread quickly and proved to be a very affordable and successful viral facebook marketing campaign. (IKEA Gordon’s profile no longer exists)
Facebook Case Studies Facebook Showrooms by IKEA (August 2008)

What worked in IKEA Gordons’s Facebook Marketing Campaigns (November 2009)

YouTube video about the IKEA Gordon Facebook Marketing Campaign

Company Mad Men the TV Show Mad Men (TV Show)
Facebook facebook.com/MadMed
Fast Take The Mad Men TV show had a bit of shakey start in the world of social media (see case study p1). But after the back lash and the realization that social media can be your friend, AMC harnessed a wide variety of social media channels to build the Mad Men brand. “Mad Men Yourself”… Classic.
Facebook Case Studies Very comprehensive Mad Men facebook marketing case study (p1) (September) 2009

Very comprehensive Mad Men facebook marketing case study (p2) October) 2009

Mad Men Yourself: The beauty of putting fans to work (April 2010)

Company Pringles Logo Pringles

Fast Take “Listen and add value [...] through spontaneous fun” a simple principal that has helped the Pringles brand connect with customers worldwide.
Facebook Case Studies About Pringles use of videos on facebook. (Nov 2009)

Spontaneous fun, a simple approach to social media (Apr 2010)

About “Overshare”, an alternative to the “Like” button on Facebook (May, 2010)

Company Red Bull Logo Redbull
Facebook facebook.com/RedBull
Fast Take Red Bull has done extremely well in combining both online and offline marketing to build a stronger brand and community based around the brand. On Facebook “Red Bull has put together these fun games to encourage users to participate and challenge friends- therefore bringing their friend’s attention to the Red Bull page.”
Facebook Case Studies Red Bull Connect (May, 2009)

Red Bull Takes Rock, Paper, Scissors to Next Dimension

Case Studies in Effective Brand Strategies (January, 2011)

Company Starbucks Logo Starbucks
Facebook facebook.com/Starbucks
Fast Take Social Media helped Starbucks turn the business around and demonstrated that harnessing the power of Social Media (when done right) is extremely profitable. The secret to Starbucks’ social-media success is, at least in part, the fact that it plays it cool.”
Facebook Case Studies Starbucks Social Media Success (Mar, 2010)

Building Meaningful Customer Engagement (Feb, 2010)

Red Bull Takes Rock, Paper, Scissors to Next Dimension

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